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 Persona sheets

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PostSubject: Persona sheets   Persona sheets EmptyWed Nov 09 2011, 03:19

1. Fields:
Name: No description necessary (free text)
Class: Persona class (choice list: Scout, Paladin, Ranger, Caster, Cleric)
Level: The level is determined not by skill points, but by number of wins and losses
Element: The Element gives an advantage when using elemental attacks. (choice list: Slash, Strike, Pierce; Fire, Ice, Electricity, Wind; Light, Darkness)
Alignment: The Alignment gives you an advantage with certain elemental attacks.
HP: Health points
SP: Spirit points
Skill list: List of all skills. The number of skills a Persona can use is determined by the level.

2. Classes
1. Scout
The lightest of all classes, the Scout is most capable with light attacks.
Can use: Slash, Strike, Pierce, Light
Special skill: First strike: always attacks first.

2. Paladin
A capable fighter, the Paladin is unmatched at close-quarter combat.
Can use: Slash, Strike, Pierce, Darkness
Special skill:

3. Ranger
A class skilled in numerous long-range attacks, it is the only one that can use both physical attacks and spells.
Can use: Pierce, Fire, Wind, Electricity
Special skill: Sight: can attack any enemy, no matter the distance.

4. Caster
Mages with exceptional skills that can batter any foe just by flicking their fingers.
Can use: Fire, Wind, Electricity, Darkness
Special skill: Fusion: can cast multiple spells at the same time.

5. Cleric
Healing and support is the Cleric's top concern.
Can use: Ice, Wind, Electricity, Light
Special skill: Fountain of Life:

3. Skills:
The number of skills that a Persona can use is determined by the level using the following formula:
n_skill = floor(6 + level/4)
Physical attacks:
Magic spells:
Final attacks
4. Equipment and items

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Persona sheets
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