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 PSP NID calculator

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Xian Nox
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Xian Nox

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PostSubject: PSP NID calculator   Tue Dec 27 2011, 09:26

This is a simple program I made some time ago when I was developing (or more like trying to?) PSP-related things.

Readme wrote:
[NID Calculator]
by Xian Nox

[What is this?]
This is a simple tool to calculate the Name IDentifiers of functions. They are used to identify the imports/exports of a module.

This tool is licensed under the GNU GPL v3. You can therefore freely modify it to suit your needs. All you need are the Qt4 Libraries.

For Linux: copy the binary in the linux folder to the /home/username/bin. You can run it directly as well.
Versions for other platforms are not available yet. The source code should be fully portable, so anyone who wishes to publish a Windows/... compile is free to do so.

If you find any bugs or you think something can be done better, feel free to write me an email: <xian[dot]nox[at]gmail[dot]com>

To m0skit0 for the encouragement.
[Download link]

Will update it a little in the coming days. Nothing much as functionality, because there isn't much to do anyway, but hopefully it will look a bit better. Also, I'll provide a Windows build.


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PSP NID calculator
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