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 Configuration tutorial

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Configuration tutorial Empty
PostSubject: Configuration tutorial   Configuration tutorial EmptyMon Dec 19 2011, 00:52

Configuration tutorial Section_under_construction

1. Configuration file
File name: hard-coded as suigintouj_config.xml
File location: hard-coded, different on Windows and Linux
Linux: ~/.SuigintouJ, ex. /home/xian/.SuigintouJ
Windows: ~\SuigintouJ, ex C:\Users\xian\SuigintouJ
In both cases, the ~ symbol represents the home directory.
Determines: All used images, message file, runtime used, Java compiler and interpreter commands/paths.
Editor: available
2. Messages file
File name: configurable
File location: configurable, set in the configuration file
Determines: Strings used for all message windows
Editor: not available, not planned

Revision 1, 19.12.2011

Configuration tutorial 161hwtd
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Configuration tutorial
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